Bulk SMS services Provider in Gurgaon

In today’s Era of technological advancement Business marketing become more cost effective and efficient that can be seen with the latest evolution in mobile marketing i.e. Bulk SMS. Bulk messaging in Gurgaon has opened a great marketing and direct customer communication opportunities for big or small businesses.

Bulk SMS Services in Gurgaon

Bulk SMS Services in Gurgaon
Bulk SMS Services in Gurgaon

If we talk about a small part of the country India, Gurgaon which considered as IT and education hub, which have opened doors for technological advancement. With that Now every small or big business in Gurgaon includes marketing and promotional strategy to reach to the customers or users. Because of this reason Bulk SMS marketing in Gurgaon getting popular day by day amongst businesses, whether it is an IT company, or a small restaurant every business in Gurgaon considering Bulk SMS as a strong client communication and marketing tool. There are number of importance of Bulk SMS Services in Gurgaon some of those are as follows

  • Bulk SMS in Gurgaon helps businesses to reach lakhs of people widely without limitation of geography in a single click.
  • In Gurgaon Promotional SMS which is a type of Bulk SMS gives a cost effective solution for marketing and keep people updated with latest offers and arrivals.
  • Bulk SMS helps to generate huge leads and increase sales more than targeted numbers..
  • Transactional SMS largely uses to convey important information in Bulk to recorded list of Customers.
  • As In Gurgaon people like to send personalized greetings. Bulk SMS in Gurgaon gives an opportunity to send customized messages to selected group of customers with personalized greetings.

Types of Bulk SMS services In Gurgaon

Bulk SMS mainly categorized in two major factors, i.e. Promotional and Non-Promotion which is also called as Transactional SMS, brief of services are

Promotional SMS in Gurgaon

Basically, Promotional SMSs are the type of Bulk SMS which are being utilized in the promotion and branding of the services and products. Promotional SMS utilizes in to send latest offers, deals, new arrivals in the stores, etc to the customers in Bulk.

Features of Promotional SMSs

  • Numeric Sender Id
  • Automatic DND Filtration
  • SMS Scheduling as per need
  • SMS delivery time between 9 AM to 9 PM, as per TRAI rules

Promotional SMSs in Gurgaon have some restrictions as per the TRAI rules in the favor of mobile phone users. In spite of that Promotional SMS in Gurgaon brings ultimate benefits to the business in terms of marketing. SMSs promotion is very cost effective and quick which can be affordable by small businesses.

Transactional SMS in Gurgaon

Transactional SMSs are informative messages that are being utilized into conveying important information to the registered clients like notifications (In Banks for notifying customers about their transaction), Alerts (In the stock market for sending Commodity tips, stock tips), OTP (For security check) etc.

Features of Transactional SMSs

  • Six characters Sender Id
  • DND & Non-DND deliverability (will be delivered on both numbers)
  • SMS Scheduling as per need
  • SMS delivery time 24*7*365 days

Above mentioned points are some essential features that the transactional SMS services must have. Use of transactional SMS in Gurgaon is increasing day by day with the development as in some sectors it becomes very important tool for sending information to Banks, educational sector, telecommunication companies, E-commerce websites etc.

Transactional SMS
Transactional SMS

Best Bulk SMS service provider in Gurgaon

There are number of Bulk SMS service providers in Gurgaon who promises to provide both promotional and Transactional SMS in Gurgaon with best quality services, but before selecting the one you need to find out what features should Bulk SMS services have some of those are as following:

  • Easy to use Bulk SMS panel
  • Multiple Gateway Connectivity
  • Proper Coverage in required Area
  • 24*7 and quick Customer support
  • No hidden cost
  • Easy Payment options
  • 100% SMS delivery rate

These are some necessary features that a Bulk SMS service provider must avail for their customers other than these you must be aware of their past or present costumer’s experience and reviews. That will give you a better understanding of the SMS provider companies which you are going to hire as your Bulk SMS provider.

How to find the best OTP SMS gateway Gurgaon?

In this world of technological advancement where everything is now easily available on internet security to Bulk SMSbecome the main concern, especially when it comes to sharing your bank details for the online transactions. For the security reason, OTP (one-time password) concept has been developed and nowadays OTP SMS become a prior need for every website which offers the online transaction facility for users. Especially for an E-commerce site, banks, government sectors like railways, electronic telephone bill payments, etc. OPT SMS are the transactional SMS, there are number of transactional SMS providers in Gurgaon but to find the Best OTP SMS gateway Gurgaon is not that difficult you just need to go through with their offered services, coverage areas, costing, delivery rate, panel, and importantly their support team, before selecting the one you need to go through with the all above-mentioned points. Along with that, you need to go through with the company reviews and experience of past or present clients especially who have taken the OTP SMS services in Gurgaon.

Need of Bulk SMS for schools, colleges and other educational institutes in Gurgaon

Bulk SMS have importance in almost every Industrial sector if we talk about Educational Sector Bulk SMS become the essential tool for the teacher, student and parent’s communication. Gurgaon is the city which is considered as the Education Hub so the Need of Bulk SMS for Schools, colleges and other educational institutes in Gurgaon are increasing day by day. Following are the some reasons why sending Bulk SMS is important for Educational Institutes.

Bulk SMS usage in Education Industry
Bulk SMS usage in Education Industry
  • To send Institutes closure information due to unexpected events
  • To send Remind parents and students of upcoming events
  • To send Information regarding PTM (Parents Teacher Meetings)
  • Daily attendance / monthly attendance reports to parents
  • Send monthly test report to parents
  • Notify about new batch details
  • Exams and tests Notifications



Proper communication between Parents, teachers and students become the key to Student’s successive growth. And Bulk SMS makes it easy, affordable and quick.

How To Send Bulk SMS From Excel/ Spreadsheet?

Sometimes it become really irritating to copy and paste the contacts again and again from excel to the bulk messaging panel so to eliminate this problem there is Excel and spreadsheet plugins are available which provides facilities to send SMS directly from excel sheet where your all contacts are stored. In these types of SMS excel plugins, all features are available that a bulk SMS panel offers. To Send Bulk SMS from Excel/Spreadsheet you just have to follow some easy steps as below:

Firstly you will need to have sms excel plugin, which is generally provided by Bulk Excel Plugins Providers, available in Gurgaon area. We also provide free excel plugin with Bulk SMS Services. So, first you need to setup the plugin. Different type of plugin offers different format to send SMS, our plugin have below features

  • Once the installation is complete, start Microsoft Excel. A new toolbar with buttons will be displayed in the Excel or Spreadsheet.
  • Now to send a message, select the New “Send SMS” button.
  • Enter your SMS body and send the SMS to all contacts stored in the Excel or Spreadsheet.


White Label Bulk SMS Reseller service Provider in Gurgaon

White Label Bulk SMS reselling is a good idea to sell Bulk SMS services with your company’s name without revealing the name and Price of the actual Bulk SMS provider. There are number of White Label Bulk SMS Reseller service Provider in Gurgaon who promises to provide affordable and quality services. Some of the features that White Label SMS reseller service providers in Gurgaon offers

  • Instant activation of white label website with no setup fee.
  • No limit to create reseller or user under your account.
  • API with your branding.
  • 24*7 Technical support
  • Special pricing with great discounts on quantity.
  • Sub Domain Websites and control panel.
  • You Can also create your sub Re-seller.
  • Free Database.

This is how you can select the best provider in Gurgaon. White Label reselling services offer great opportunities for the businesses to set up their own client base without setting up the Bulk SMS panels and platforms.

Bulk SMS API Integration in Gurgaon


Bulk SMS APIs (application program interface) is the simplest and fasted way to send automatic Bulk SMS. By integrating APIs on websites, software or applications for that you just need to copy, pasting the codes provided by many Bulk SMS API Providers in Gurgaon in languages like JAVA, PHP, HTML, asp.net etc which is supportable by your platform. API integration opened the doors of opportunities for businesses to stay connected with their customers, To provide security to their website, apps or software to users etc. Bulk SMS API Integration brings benefits for E-commerce platforms or platforms which allow Online transactions in terms of security of users by sending OTP SMS for Two-factor authentications. These SMS APIs allow users to generate automatic codes to SendOTP SMS and verify the users.

If you are looking for Cheap Bulk SMS API provider in Gurgaon than you must contact us, our options are Affordable and quality services which will give you a better experience.

Features of API you get with our Bulk SMS API offer

  • Hassle free integration
  • Easy Code to be placed on the website, app, software
  • SMS API supportable to all major developments, including ASP, PHP, JAVA etc
  • Instant and 100% delivery report
  • Scheduling facilities

 Cheap Bulk SMS Gateway Service provider

Cheap Bulk SMS services generally mean to compromise with quality. A number of Cheap Bulk SMS Service providers in Gurgaon although they offers cheap SMS pricing but they do not maintain the quality. Bulk SMS is the service which offers quick, direct and cost effective way to reach Lakhs of mobile users in one shot so, what will happen if your messages didn’t reach on time? It can cost customer’s dissatisfaction or maybe it can cost your business as well. So, It is always beneficial to have better quality services than cheap prices.